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December 19 2017

A Lisp REPL in your pocket

July 10 2016

Re: Querying plists

February 03 2016


January 31 2016

Hong Kong
Tibet #3
Tibet #2
Tibet #1
Qinghai #2
Qinghai #1
The Great Wall
W3 Artistic: Red
Martim Moniz, Lisboa.

January 25 2016

W2 Landscape: Traditional Landscape
Oslo, Norway.

January 04 2016

Common Lisp Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

May 30 2015

My answer to the Pretty Printer Puzzle

May 24 2015

Pretty printer puzzle

April 03 2015

Library Genesis

@vihartvihart @luismbo - we call it the "Russian National Library" ;)
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gah I hate doing research outside my usual fields. How do you get anything done without
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April 02 2015

And a slight programme update with an additional (and exciting) talk from Ahmon Dancy (Franz Inc.). #els2015
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