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April 01 2015

Okay, that’s pretty good, Google.
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@doublec @natpryce Cloxp seems exactly aiming for that in Clojure: by @robertkrahn
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@doublec @gclaramunt @deech this vid looks like it has some good examples of development with holes:
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Seriously people, read @joeerl's thesis: /cc @papers_we_love
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March 31 2015

The comments on my @newmusicbox jazz piece have erupted into a full-blown (very civil) Nerd Fight!
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March 25 2015

Are you a musician? Here’s how your art is killing you via @instapaper
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March 24 2015

We're playing classical music all wrong – composers wanted us to improvise via @instapaper
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Scalar: "Born-digital, open source, media-rich scholarly publishing that’s as easy as blogging."
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Here is a photo of Kenny G meeting Miles Davis. Their respective facial expressions!
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3D Printed manual transmission

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xkcd: New Products

I really like Google's Chromecast. I hope is wrong about this one.
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Blog post: Can't even throw code across the wall - on open sourcing existing code,
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February 26 2015

February 24 2015

Emacs + paredit under terminal

Emacs + paredit under terminal via @offbytwo
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"Okay, Houston. You suppose you could turn the Earth a little bit [...]" via @spacelog
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